Industrial Heavy Duty AR Pumps

AR Pumps are efficient, proved and steady giving customers the best value for their application purposes. AR pumps are engineered for all pressure washer market segments.  Click Here to see our full selection of AR Pumps and Pump Packages.

AR Blue Clean Pressure Cleaners

The new AR Blue Clean power-jet cleaners are the result of a sustained commitment to continuous research and product renewal, as well as innovative electric pressure washer design and testing.

Agricultural Diaphragm Pumps

Annovi Reverberi diaphragm pumps are the perfect match for the agricultural sector. Strong, reliable, innovative and long-lasting these product represents the roots of the Company – the first pump was drawned in the past ’50.

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We carry ALL genuine OEM Annovi Reverberi repair parts. maintains high inventory levels for prompt delivery of products. Our well-staffed sales and service department provides unparalleled technical assistance and commits to be the best in the industry. Have questions or need help identifying a repair part? CALL US @ 561-964-3228
AR Pump Packages | AR Pressure Washer Pumps

AR Pump Packages are the fastest and easiest way to replace your pressure washer pump.  These AR “fully plumbed” pump packages come with everything you need to “bolt & go” with very little extra labor required to get your pressure washer up and running with a brand new high quality Annovi Reverberi pressure washer pump.